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I,______________________________, agree to be completely responsible for my next evolutionary step toward wholeness…no matter how small it may seem. I make a commitment to tend to my ‘Life in Transit’ for the full twelve months ahead. I will embark on the adventure of applying visual art and writing tools that are modeled here and those that I discover through my own detective work. I make a deeply rooted commitment to my personal life in transit process and I welcome and remember my ability to:

1. Look … my Life matters…I look inward and craft a Seed/Vision that matters to me

2. Listen… I honor my healing process and respect the loving inner guidance that comes as I sit in stillness

3. Act…I take action to face, move through and to heal my negative feelings…I take responsibilty…I ask for support and I chart my growth

4. Create…as I create my life in transit becomes deeply rooted…from this place of stability my creativity promotes my well being

5. Reflect… I cut back my obstacles and shadows…just as I would trim branches in the garden I tend to my weaknesses

6. Communicate…I trust that we are here to learn and grow…I share the fruits of my work so others may be nourished

7. Appreciate…I count bliss and blessing…I give pause…I take time to rest… I recognize when something is complete… I let go

8. Aspire…my dreams reseed naturally…I let them incubate…I sink deep into my roots to replenish, rest and dream anew


I now have a covenant and I , ______________________________ , agree to foster my ‘Life in Transit’ throughout the twelve months ahead.

I promise myself to root into this work to the very best of my ability.





You may choose to print this page out and keep it close, perhaps posting it where you can be reminded of your dedication, by seeing it every day.

You may have a trusted friend who would like to join you on this year long commitment.





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