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'Don't Stop the Dance', Drozda, 6x6' Acrylic on canvas, 2005
'Don't Stop the Dance', Drozda, 6x6' Acrylic on canvas, 2005


All forms of abuse can undermine our beauty and brilliance. 

Abuse scars and scares us physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually…
Violence impacts our communities and our ability to express our deepest nature. It is our deepest hope that any woman whose life has been touched by the profound challenge and
trauma of violence will share her statement of recovered strength and courage here.

We invite you to bring your voice to our ‘Life in Transit’ Gallery page. In doing so, you allow your experience to contribute to the evolutionary healing of our times.

We invite your written journal entries, letters, essay, poems and/or visual images to become an
important part of our online ‘Life in Transit’ Gallery.

Violence affects us individually and culturally.
There is a critical need to hear, see, feel and consciously connect with the power that rises up to meet us when
we turn our fear toward sacred evolutionary healing. 

lotus flower 

Be a part of the art…be a heartist.
Contact us to share your words and images
here at the online ‘Life in Transit’ Gallery.



Life in Transit _Farrah-2012
Life in Transit _Farrah-2012
Life in Transit-Lillie-2012
Life in Transit-Lillie-2012

Lillie’s Artist Statement:

My process for this piece started on the first group meeting. Our facilitators gave us a bag full of art supplies, introduced us to a few centering and expressive exercises, and gave us time be with our thoughts, words, experiences, and colors. During that first meeting, I sat with my own history of DV and recalled what it felt like to live through it and to move on from it. As the sessions progressed, [learn_more] I focused on my desire to convey a message to those living with DV that healing IS possible. That message morphed into a kind of public service announcement and I found that I had the most control over the creation process using Corel Paint Shop X. I found non-copyrighted images that represented physical and emotional abuse and altered them to make them my own. For the final image, my stepfather held an impromptu photo shoot of me walking out several of the doors of his home in Williamsburg. I used these images in combination with the transit/transportation theme of the project and settled on common street signs as the image background.[/learn_more]

Life in Transit, mixed media_Abby_2012
Life in Transit, mixed media_Abby_2012

Abby’s Artist Statement:

“She is Strong Enough to Break Free— a study of the Past, Present, & Future”

This piece became not just a representation of my “life in transit” up to the point of creation but therapeutic as I processed a major life transition even during its formation.

While I considered what would be the best representation of my “life in transit”, I heard the story of an elephant which said that a young elephant will pull and fight against the trainer’s chain, in weakness, to no avail. As the elephant grows older, the trainer can restrain her with even a weak chain the large animal could easily break. The reason? [learn_more] Because the grown elephant doesn’t know she is strong enough to break free. That was me for the majority of my life. It wasn’t until recently that I learned I am capable of breaking the chains of the past and able to move forward into an unknown but positive future.

The Buddha said, “Do not dwell on the past. Do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment.” That is the best summary for this piece and a meaningful reminder to me as I face life in the now and allow myself to feel and simply be in the moment. My past is no longer, my future is not yet here, but I can be present and hold on to all I am, and all I’ve learned right now as I work to make positive choices moving forward. I am strong enough, not just to break free, but to live life unlimited.

There are many elements to my piece that are extremely meaningful to me personally.

THE PAST: The elephant foot, while dark and chained down in “the past” photograph is truly brighter, even sparkling, in reality. The top of the leg reveals the inside which is a blooming flower, bursting with life, color, and energy – the inner strength. Others may try to chain and restrain and overpower externally, but they can never take away who I am inside.

THE PRESENT: The upward trunk on an elephant is a sign of positivity and I have learned that my life can be positive, both now and moving forward. The mandalas are a centering practice for me and I am constantly working to center myself “in the now”. The elephant’s designs, including the mandala, jewel, and lotus are inspirations from a picture of a painted elephant of India photographed and given to me by a very important person who was in the process of leaving my life at the time this was created. She was catalytic and instrumental in helping me find my strength and break free from my past. I saw it fitting to offer homage to our time together and give myself a reminder that I will always carry the lessons she taught me.

THE FUTURE: The “future” is bright, colorful, and positive, but still unknown and not completely seen. This represents and reminds me that moving forward I have some goals and bright hope for an unlimited life, even though I may not be able to see everything ahead. Still, it is bordered off from the present as I need to concentrate my mind in the now, and not anxiously anticipate the unknown.

THE BORDER: The colorful border was simply therapeutic. A few months back, during an emotional time of breakthrough, I had the overwhelming urge to “paint the walls”, to just cover my hand in colorful paint and paint the walls, like a child. Instead I “finger painted” a piece of poster board and it was one of the most uncontrolled, raw pieces I ever created. During the creation of this piece, I was experiencing a similarly emotional and transitional period. I allowed my raw feelings to explode and encompass, though the colors remain especially connected to the “present”.[/learn_more]


'Life in Transit' by Emily W, 2012
'Life in Transit' by Emily W, 2012

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