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Heart & Soul

If I still had my old spinet piano, I’d play the right-hand melody of “Heart & Soul,” that old, happy tune. I appreciated that title even when I was a young girl. At YWCA summer day camp, everybody got a turn playing, two girls (sometimes three!) to a piano bench. And when one of us got bored there was always another girl there to slide into her spot and pick up, like that body knowledge that kicks in when you take turns turning rope and don’t interrupt the flow. Playing “Heart & Soul” introduced the shared joy of a duet. Wikipedia says it’s a Carmichael/Loesser song from 1938, but I’ve never heard the lyrics. I don’t want to. Feeling the music keeps it wide open.

Last month, I house sat for dear friends in Seattle. I listened for heart and soul–for an opening–in the freshly quiet days and nights after the summer Olympics closed and the television went silent. I was alone in an unfamiliar city. An “I’ll come for you” text arrived. Aina Williams, my daughter’s boyfriend’s sister, rounded the corner in her black VW Golf, bursting heart and soul for me–a woman she was meeting for the first time–and for her clients and students, and hundreds of people who read her blog. Aina is a coach, a healthy woman, a seer. Her wise sister, Sowande, walks a similar path. And I hear their mom is quite a woman!

I call it “Ainspiration,” and I’m treated to her emails several times per week.

'Ainspiration' Aina Williams
'Ainspiration' Aina Williams

What a powerful ally, offering a healthy, focused exhilaration I felt discovering new friends through playing “Heart & Soul” when I was a kid.

Here are excerpts from some keepers from coachaina.com:

From “Jump”

Try to see yourself, uninhibited.  See yourself free of concern, worry.  See yourself doing what you want despite fear.  See the options that are infinite.  Risk dreaming without the judgment that you live your life with, under, around, within.  Have fun.

I see a shift happening where we begin to see our lives as opportunities to experience what we are drawn to and not what we should do.  I see us shining.  I see us happy.  Smiling.  Loving.  Living.  Living.  Living.

Go on, jump.

From “Sit Still and Move Forward”

The truth of the matter is being still, checking in, holding your own space is where all healing and growth is synthesized.  It takes work to move from where you are to where you are going.  The great thing about it is that you only have to sit for a bit, be open and the information will flow to you, readily.  Oh, you also have to be willing to be uncomfortable.  Fully seeing yourself may be shocking for anyone who spends a lot of time wishing they were different from the person they are, even though they haven’t spent much time with that person as of late.  At some point you will begin to enjoy your stuff, love it even, especially once you learn how all of the parts of you work together to keep you well, as well as you would allow.  It is then that you can release the parts that aren’t elevating you and rise to your own occasion.

From “It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Aina

Recently I had a dream that I was flying.  It was more like levitation than actual flying.  I lifted off of the ground after seeing other people do it.  It wasn’t a dream that felt like I was asleep.  It was more like an experience and it felt amazing.  I was able to lift off once without much effort.  It was like a switch just flipped and I was able to push away from the earth.  The next time I tried it was harder.  I had begun to question my ability…

Isn’t that funny?  I had already done it and yet I was afraid that it was a fluke and my doubt created the difficulty in realizing my ability to fly.  Have you ever  been in that situation before, questioning something you had already done?  I imagine so, otherwise we wouldn’t have a saying called beginner’s luck.  When we do something for the first time, there is no luck involved.  There is openness, lack of judgment, belief, possibility, and faith.

I believe that we have to work on how we think about EVERYTHING…. Being open isn’t something that we automatically get back, there is effort involved.  When we were children, most of us were open to learning things without reservation.  We have had years and years of being told ‘no’ or ‘you can’t’ or ‘it won’t work’ by parents, friends, teachers, and the like…. We have a lot of unlearning to do before we are open to each moment being new again….

So go on, believe that you can fly…


Alexander Calder "Eagle" Seattle, 1971, photo: Toni Wynn
Alexander Calder "Eagle" Seattle, 1971, photo: Toni Wynn

… you just might take off.

What a woman! 

I believe Aina would agree, that can be said of each of us as we improvise our heart and soul.



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