Angel Baby

While I was growing up my mother was always happy to tell me the story about how I was her special one. That I was ‘born blue’ and that she almost lost me. She called me Angel. She said that she carried me on her hip for the first 18 months and that . . . → Read More: Angel Baby

Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

“Ruins are not empty they are sacred places full of presence”

The winding stair opens out into the sprawling attic. A large soiled, bare mattress is in the middle of the floor. Over there, facing out to the park where my friends were supposedly playing a ball game, are three small multipaned windows. . . . → Read More: Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying

There’s Something Happening Here…

He pulls the large black dog, mouth frothing, hoarse from barking, into a the room beside the bathroom. He slams the door shut and jiggles the knob. The sudden quiet is deafening.

I’d only been upstairs on a few occasions, during prior visits, dashing up to use the only bathroom in the large . . . → Read More: There’s Something Happening Here…

Healing for the Healers

Katie Kern-Pilch and Mary Sender at Ursuline College ArtTherapy Graduate Program invited me to take part in the February 2008 exhibition ‘Healing for the Healers’.

Jyoti a spiritual healer and founder of the Center for Sacred Studies in California and Larry Terkel, author of Small Change: It’s the Little Things . . . → Read More: Healing for the Healers