Dream of the Young Artist

I often dreamed of what life would look like outside of the maze of the high level bridges spanning the railroad switching yards feeding in and out of the steel mills that surrounded the little house on Fenwick Alley.

When dad left in the morning to walk to work carrying his stainless steel . . . → Read More: Dream of the Young Artist

All in a Dream

Things can come and go so quickly, so mysteriously. It can all be so fleeting, so difficult to comprehend. Yesterday in the twinkling of an eye what I thought was, was no more. It helped to recall the many teachings that I’ve received. There is the waking dream, there is the sleeping dream. it . . . → Read More: All in a Dream

Dream Scapes

I love meeting new people and sharing ideas.

This week I received a beautiful book Our Dreaming Mind http://www.amazon.com/Our-Dreaming-Mind-Robert-Castle/dp/0345396669 as a gift from the author Dr. Robert Van De Castle.

He has phoned me to discuss a new project, a new book about dreams that contain angelic visitations. He is thinking . . . → Read More: Dream Scapes