What’s in a Name

Flotilla, Drozda 2001 18×24 inches mixed on recycled wood

Several days ago Alyson asking me to address my blog name Merci 33.Here’s what has come to share.

Once upon a time 3 miscreants set me up in an entrapment situation, traumatized me severely and left me for dead. You can connect with the . . . → Read More: What’s in a Name

In 1968 I fell down the rabbit hole and almost disappeared. In the late summer I met Alice Twitchell, the artist angel who saved me. And from that moment on I once again knew my direction. Late in the year while I was working in the Coven Tree boutique/gallery on Coventry Road a . . . → Read More:

I Go Among Trees and Sit Still

Prior to my move out of the city I lived across the street from the breathtaking and magnificent landscapes of Lakeview Cemetery. Founded in 1869 the 285 acres of land are modeled after the great garden cemeteries of Victorian England and France. My morning meanderings would take me into the forests and . . . → Read More: I Go Among Trees and Sit Still