What’s Your Program?

‘Balinese Brahaman sculpture’ Journal page, Drozda Drozda photo

I went to Bali for a month long retreat and while there I had the delightful pleasure of learning the phrase, “What’s your program?”On the days when a driver would arrive to take me to visit different places on the ‘Island of Artists’ he would ask . . . → Read More: What’s Your Program?

Dream of the Young Artist

I often dreamed of what life would look like outside of the maze of the high level bridges spanning the railroad switching yards feeding in and out of the steel mills that surrounded the little house on Fenwick Alley.

When dad left in the morning to walk to work carrying his stainless steel . . . → Read More: Dream of the Young Artist


Sometimes it feels nurturing to consider early influences and the dreams we had as young artists. I stand now at the entrance to my sixth decade and I’m embracing the many teachers and mentors that have appeared along my path. Marc Chagall helped lift my spirit during a time of deep retreat and . . . → Read More: Homage