Celebrate the Day

live oaks on the bay

It’s been a wonderful time of working on multiple projects in the studio.

Each year I write an article that pertains to the creative energy of the coming year, posting it with my pals David and Sandra over at the wonderful Zodiac Arts.

Finished my first . . . → Read More: Celebrate the Day

Happy New year

I send along to all the very best wishes for a new year filled with the wealth of the creative spirit that allows life to flow with beauty and peace. May we howl at the moon and fly free. And may the Earth Mother be the better for our having walked her . . . → Read More: Happy New year

A Day of Thanks

I send out the best of giving thanks wishes to the world and to the beauty that surrounds. Every where I look I see dazzling beauty and it seems all the better living where the sun shines so brilliantly even on a cold crisp leaf raking day. Gary Snyder has a beautiful poem . . . → Read More: A Day of Thanks

Nature Nurture

Leaving words to a minimum is continuing to be the most welcome of experiences even as the days become more active. This month two new artist residencies begin and the activity level will soar…1000 children making art…I love it and I consider …how does the garden grow? The answer that comes : Beautifully… . . . → Read More: Nature Nurture