Celebrate the Day

live oaks on the bay

It’s been a wonderful time of working on multiple projects in the studio.

Each year I write an article that pertains to the creative energy of the coming year, posting it with my pals David and Sandra over at the wonderful Zodiac Arts.

Finished my first . . . → Read More: Celebrate the Day

What next…

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My baby goes to Catholic Charities to begin his new life. My artist adventure continues.

A taxi takes me from the hospital to my parents home. I’ve been in hiding for seven months.

My darling thirteen year old sister runs down the driveway greeting me.

News: Former boyfriend found . . . → Read More: What next…

On the Road Again

Hanna moved through without leaving us anything other than leaf litter on the lawns….love it when the hurricane force wears itself out naturally.

And now we’re off…well I am anyway. Don’t you just love a road trip? This is a lovely trip ‘back home’ through the soft curving mountains of the Allegheny range and . . . → Read More: On the Road Again