Once a month I meet with a great group of women artists. We enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques and sharing information. It’s like a monthly artist retreat and we have such a great time being with one another quietly working or wildly experimenting.

In February we were each given a soap . . . → Read More: Esperance

Celebrate the Day

live oaks on the bay

It’s been a wonderful time of working on multiple projects in the studio.

Each year I write an article that pertains to the creative energy of the coming year, posting it with my pals David and Sandra over at the wonderful Zodiac Arts.

Finished my first . . . → Read More: Celebrate the Day

I Go Among Trees and Sit Still

Prior to my move out of the city I lived across the street from the breathtaking and magnificent landscapes of Lakeview Cemetery. Founded in 1869 the 285 acres of land are modeled after the great garden cemeteries of Victorian England and France. My morning meanderings would take me into the forests and . . . → Read More: I Go Among Trees and Sit Still