Following the Moon: Topsy Turvy Love

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Welcome to the New  Phase of the ‘Love’ Moon 

The New Moon began Sunday, August 28 just before midnight (EST) and extends through Thursday, September 1 in the pre-dawn.

At the New Phase we gaze out into the future.  During the ‘Love’ cycle you have an unusual opportunity to turn your view of the Art/Life on its head and see what you’ve been involved with… as if for the first time.  The Love cycle is a very heady time. You know how things go topsy turvy when you fall head over heels for another? Consider that same sort of oo la la for what you’ve been devoting your creative time and energy to since the Spring Equinox on March 20.

Gaze into the vision that you hold for your Art/Life. This is the Love Moon cycle. Four weeks available for basking in the Love… for all that you create. Pretty heady stuff.  

Here’s a short excerpt from my yearly article  at ZodiacArts:

Take a deep breath. Now take a moment and review the touchstones that have occurred in this precious experience called your life over the last 36 months. Within this time-line notice how trials and challenges have helped you learn to build the Art/Life that you choose. Pay homage to the identity you’ve birthed.

During 2011 you are offered the chance to strengthen your ability to construct and author. Construct means to build. Build what? The next phase of your Art/Life. Author means to scribe. Scribe what? Your script. ‘Scribe your script’ for your Art/Life experience… and become more powerfully heart expressive in your Art/Life, lovely how that functions.

… consciously connect to where you’ve come from, over the last three years. Look at what you’ve moved through, honor it, then from this now point: take a deep breath and let’s look ahead.

In September, during the Love Moon cycle,  imagine the potential that exists for you to Love the Work of your HeartHold courage in your heart to such a degree that no obstacle can prevent you from the willingness to take your next step… and your next… in pursuit of what the heart calls you to embrace.

Now that we’re in the latter segment of the summer quadrant of the Wheel it’s timely to take stock.  How much of a push do you want to exert before the Autumnal Equinox of September 23?

This Moon/Month is a marker for the year. It’s the four weeks where you can actually see, sense and feel the quality of what you’ve been building all year long.

Consider this. Some of us are on a fast track. Some of us push relentlessly. Some of us are not really taking the time to recharge much less allowing the space to simply BE. So you may actually discover that for you the ‘push’ is to STOP so that you can relax and rest. This may seem counter intuitive, especially when all around us the pace appears to be quickening.  Does it have to?

The Love Moon cycle is a perfect place to ascertain… for yourself… just where you are with the Love energy in your Art/Life. Ask yourself: What exactly is the rush?

On Thursday, September 1, before dawn (EST) we enter the Crescent Phase of the Love Moon. This phase lasts until Sunday afternoon, September 4. During these three and a half days you can look for the balance point in your Love for your Art/Life. This moon/month reminds you to know your center. Love is intoxicating and overwhelming when you forget to be grounded in its presence.

This moon/month is a time for assessing what it is you’ve been building. Take stock. Imagine that the building inspector is going to be paying you a visit and determining if what you’ve been constructing is stable and secure.  

Are you centered? Or is your world topsy turvy? It’s no one’s business but yours and it’s an excellent time to do the inquiry.

moon phases

~Thanks so much~… I so appreciate your interest in my newly released e-book, the ten year anniversary illustrated edition of  Twenty Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers. I hope that you will continue to share the news with friends and loved ones who are care givers as well as remembering how necessary it is for each of us to take the very best care of our self. 

And ~thank you…your curiosity and questions about  AHA’s for the Art/Life are such fun to receive. 

The AHA e-studio blog site will open on September 27 at the New ‘Experience’ Moon.  This next moon is a wonderful point on the Natural Calendar Wheel for a few of us to come together in this gentle focused way. Each year when you come to this place (the New Moon closest to the Fall Equinox) you’re standing directly across from where you were and who you were last spring. You are no longer the same person now as you were then…that’s an AHA in itself, dontcha’ think?  There’s a Silver Lining there for certain.

The AHA open e-studio format is for those of us who are interested in working with time in a genuinely calming fashion.

AHA’s for the Art/Life online studio begins September 27.

It’s my first e-studio following more than 20 continuous years of offering lively studio workshops.  The Autumnal Equinox is the beginning of a quieting time, the feminine inward turning 6 months of the year.  On the Natural Calendar Wheel we’re entering the season for doing the deep work to set the energy that you want to see meet you by Spring Equinox, March 20, 2012:

Experience the strength that comes when you align with the Natural Calendar in relation to your Art/Life

Become familiar with the Natural Calendar’s progression in conjunction with the goals, visions and dreams for your Art/Life

Establish your own natural, empowered rhythm available to you under all circumstances and conditions



A Newsletter and registration will be posted September 19…if you want to recieve information leave a comment here or email: drozda33 at

The spaces that I’m creating within ‘AHA’ are meant to be organic and encouraging. Consider a place where we gather so as to articulate,  generate, and add to a relationship with time and the work of our Art/Life in rhythm with the natural cycles of the seasons and the gentle cadence of the lunar patterns.

I hope that you’ll join me to plant the deepest roots for your never to be repeated Art/Life during this time of all possibility.

See you next Monday for the First Quarter phase of the ‘Love’ Moon cycle.

May your heart be at peace.


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2 comments to Following the Moon: Topsy Turvy Love

  • so interesting to ponder…on the one hand MUCH of my life feels topsy turvy…AND at the same time I feel a sense of groundedness too…AHH the both/ands of being human…I shall bask in all the love I am able to feel:-)

  • I hear you Laura and LOVE that paradox too…when I can lean back and observe it and not get hooked into the topsy turvy I find all the more to love.

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