Following the Moon: Gratitude for Engaged Detachment

Summer at Casa Del Mar

Welcome to the Third Quarter phase of the ~Trust Moon cycle~  

The Third Quarter phase began Sunday, August 21 in the early evening (EST) and extends through Thursday, August 25 in the early afternoon.

At the time of the Third Quarter Phase we can breathe in grace and gratitude. We can invest this time in remembering how miraculous it is to come to this thanksgiving place each month (moon).

Here we enter a very grown-up space. This time period is when it becomes clear that one goal simply leads to another. During these few days a great deal can happen. There’s the opportunity to reflect in a way that sets the stage for where the Art/Life will carry you next. There’s also the option to just allow space to be…to rest in preparation for the deep dream of where you would like to be moving as you enter the next cycle in the month ahead.

This manner of working with the progression of the moon cycles has delighted me for two decades. Using the model that’s shared here at ‘Following the Moon’ offers a way of working with time that’s rich in ‘room to breathe’.  In that breathing space find the ability to listen more deeply to inner creative prompts.

Consider the keyword for each month since the Spring Equinox.

April brings a focus on Clarity which leads to the Wisdom of May. In June we seek the light of Illumination. These are the Moon’s of the Spring Quadrant of the yearly wheel. This is the 90 days when we strike out fresh and energized, ready to create and express the new that we’ve never felt before. At Summer Solstice we turn a into a new 90 day stretch and celebrate the greatest infusion of sunlight as we simultaneously open to the fact that the days immediately begin their wane. It’s here at the June 21st turn of the wheel that we really put the push on and relate to the way the plants are burgeoning toward their peak of growth. Growth is the keyword for July followed by the prospect each year to intensify our Trust come August.

Now that we’re in the middle of the summer season we can take stock of how much more there is to develop and advance prior to the Autumnal Equinox of September 23.

This week is pregnant with the potential that we wait for throughout the summer.

Isn’t it grand that we can consciously lean into this space with what I like to think of as depth appreciation… a tremendous positive receptivity for what is and for what will be.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

It’s really worth repeating what was mentioned last week:

Now we can invest a full month (moon) July 30 – August 27  in discovering and uncovering the place or places in life where you are willing and ready to take a risk and stretch. Each year when you arrive at this point on the Natural Calendar Wheel you can remind yourself how it truly requires Trust to risk. And you have to risk to move toward what you can next accomplish. Remember this is the height of the action point of the year. This is when you can take a long reach. You can stretch further. You can feel the amazement as you dig deeper into your creative treasure chest. How you stretch and what you’re growing is your business. Do you recall what you planted in the spring?

I love taking action toward an increase in quiet and calm. I tend to be more interested in stretching deeper into compassionate connection with all living beings than in forcing myself to get somewhere. I love to remember that there isn’t any place to get to and that this isn’t a race. I love to remember that I have been given gifts and talents to share and it delights me to see the way that the Art/Life offers choices and options that I could never fully imagine. I love the surprise, the AHA, the Silver Lining.

On Thursday, August 25 in the mid afternoon (EST) the moon settles into the final phase of this month and until the New ‘Love’ Moon on Sunday, August 28 we dwell in the Balsamic Phase…a contemplative place of preparation for the next piece of our vision. It’s appropriate, even during the height of the season, to withdraw and heal during this time, to rest and detach from all that’s happened since the cycle opened on Saturday, July 30.   There’s something delicious, don’t you think, about actively engaging while at the same time stepping out of the fray by deliberately detaching. Engaged detachment…a perfect way to get the gusto from this week.

~Thanks so much~… I’m so grateful for your lovely response to my newly released e-book, I hope that you will continue to share the news with friends and loved ones who are care givers as well as remembering how necessary it is for each of us to take the very best care of our self. 

And ~thank you~ for your curiosity and interest in AHA’s for the Art/Life.  The AHA e-studio blog site will open on September 27 at the New ‘Experience’ Moon.  It’s a wonderful point on the Natural Calendar Wheel to come together in this gentle focused way because each year when we come to this place, the New Moon closest to the Fall Equinox, we’re standing directly across from where we were and who we were last spring. We couldn’t possibly be the same person now as we were then…that’s an AHA in itself, dontcha’ think? There’s a Silver Lining there for certain.

The AHA open e-studio format is for those of us who are interested in working with time in a genuinely calming fashion.

The spaces that I’m creating within ‘AHA’ are meant to be organic and encouraging. Consider a place where we gather so as to articulate,  generate, and add to a relationship with time and the work of our Art/Life in rhythm with the natural cycles of the seasons and the gentle cadence of the lunar patterns. Email: with your interest.

I hope that you’ll join me to plant the deepest roots for your never to be repeated Art/Life during this time of all possibility. See you next Monday for the New phase of the ‘Love’ Moon cycle.

 May your heart be at peace.


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6 comments to Following the Moon: Gratitude for Engaged Detachment

  • As always such an inspiring and informative post. Your artwork is outstanding and as luscious as a Persian tapestry! In my waning years it is not always easy to think in terms of taking risks and stretching further. My goals always “exceeds” my abilities anymore, but each day I try.

  • Hi Eva
    It’s so lovely to see you and congrats once again on your recent honor…so well deserved.
    I’m glad that you mention the “waning years” in conjunction with taking risks and stretching further…this is the very inspiration that has me moving into offering AHA’s for the Art/Life…the e-studios coming at the new moon on September 28…I’m very interested in what those who have lived the Art/Life at length have to offer to those who are coming along on that path…there is an opportunity to enrich and enliven one another for as long as we’re here…no matter the number of days we’ve been taking our next steps along the path.

    Thank you for your comment on the paintings…my blog program isn’t allowing me to caption them for some reason…they are both from my archives, painted in the late 1970’s…so looooong ago yet so dear to me and perfect to convey my feelings about this vibrant time of the year.

  • Great post and affirming as to where I am inside myself as I ready myself for the start of the teaching semester. Both excited about the inspiration that my work brings me, and stealing myself for the dysfunction of the department and institution where I work… politics and immature competitiveness I;m not looking forward to…. so I’ll rest and renew and practice “engaged detachment” – I like that, thanks!

  • As always, a lovely and inspiring post. What spoke deeply to me after my retreat was this sense of “grown upness”, the willingness to step out, believe in ourselves , to have “a strong back and a soft heart” as Chogyam Trungpa said. I was struck deeply by this sentence: “I love taking action toward an increase in quiet and calm. I tend to be more interested in stretching deeper into compassionate connection with all living beings than in forcing myself to get somewhere. ” Yes!

    Bows of gratitude to you. So delicious to have you back. And I second Eva’s comment about the richness of this piece of art! Beautiful!

  • I love that “there isn’t any place to get to and this isn’t a race.” Great art here; it feels familiar–like an almost memory. It is wonderful to have you back.

  • Beautiful Art… and beautiful thought.
    I am trying to be grateful… and trying hard to tell myself to slow down, it isn’t a race :)

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