Following the Moon: And Now… A Few Lovely Announcements

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Welcome to the Full Moon phase of the Trust Moon cycle! The Full phase extends from Saturday, August 13 until Wednesday, August 17.

I’ve waited till today, August 16, before beginning to post again (after a 2.5 month break) because I’ve been working in the studio on a renewed way of moving through the world and I wanted the first piece to be in place, and the first mention to happen, here at ‘Following the Moon’.

So before we look at the current natural energy of the Lunar phase I’d like to make three wonderful announcements.

                             {visualize white birds flying up into the bluest of skies}

Announcement #1…

New e-book release of Twenty Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers…

I start with a celebration: This year is the 10th anniversary of the publishing of Twenty Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers a quieting collection of meditations that I wrote and illustrated while serving as a hospice volunteer.

Today I’m so pleased to share with you the launch of the anniversary edition as an e-book available as an immediate download for $9.99.  I hope that you will consider a copy for yourself and I know that there are those in your immediate circle who could benefit from its gentle, soothing and timeless path. If you print the download and have them spiral bound with a clear acetate cover it will make a gorgeous gift…for you and those you love.  

From the Introduction to this new e-book edition:

Rosalynn Carter’s recent testimony before congress might teach each of us in turn:

There are only four kinds of people in the world

1. Those who have been caregivers
2. Those who currently are caregivers
3. Those who will be caregivers,
4. And those who will need caregivers.

In the ten years since publishing the original volume of Twenty Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers I’ve learned a great deal more about the necessity of being first of all Care Givers of the Self. The Prayer/Poems have grown and blossomed for me over this decade. More and more they point, like arrows, to the daily choice and opportunity we each have… to learn to take wise and good care of what Tibetan Buddhist’s call this “precious human life”. Here are a few of the comments received in response to the original hardcopy edition.

     lotus blossom

Please let me know what you feel as you take in the words and images of 22 Prayer Poems that I so gratefully share with you my friend.

Announcement #2…

AHA’s for the Art/Life

I’m so excited to share that in mid September I’m beginning a series of ‘AHA’s for the Art/Life’ e-studios. These are not classes. The spaces that I’m creating are a place to gather so that we can plant the seeds for greater vision, sprout ideas, grow creatively, and harvest our contributions. AHA’s is about forming a relationship with time and the work of our Art/Life in clear rhythm with the natural cycles of the seasons and the gentle cadence of the lunar patterns.

I’ve designed these e-studios  to share the beauty of the way that I’ve worked with time in my Art/Life for the past 22 years…there is a soothing flow of unfolding when using the natural circular calendar.

Within the  context of the e-studios  we’ll work together so that we can apply and reveal 8 specific phases and  8 nurturing stages flowing through our Art/Life. These gentle and nurturing signposts I call: Tools for Change and they can be applied to your Art/Life in whatever way you feel guided. 

The e-studios will begin in mid September. You can pre-register by emailing me. More information will be posted here in the next two weeks.

I hope that you’ll join the AHA community to plant the deepest healthiest roots for your never to be repeated Art/Life during this time of all possibility.

Here’s a brief excerpt from inside the AHA’s for the Art/Life e-studio:

Here at AHA’s you’ll find companionship for the Next Step toward the unfolding of the you that you are choosing to be. It doesn’t matter what your ‘art’ is. Here at AHA’s it’s a given that life, no matter what path we’re taking, indeed equals art.

During these times of intensity and change AHA’s can offer reminders for daily balance as well as provide meaningful ideas and inspiration for pioneering, branching out and discovering (or uncovering) the most fertile field in which to plant seed ideas, thus sprouting into healthy projects and concepts that add to the abundant harvest of the Art/Life.

At AHA’s we take time to intentionally slow the pace. We’re creating a quiet zone.  I love to think of this calming space as a process of ‘Making Life the Master Peace’.

Announcement #3…

Since 1990 I’ve offered a program called Lifecycle as a beloved part of my studio outreach. I have hundreds of clients  and am so pleased to state that each one has come to this service via word of mouth… friend to friend.

 In the weeks ahead I’ll be offering a variety of ways for you to sample this wonderful work to see if it may also speak to you.

                                                                   Lifecycle is an energy drink that you listen to.

Two Clients share:

I first met Donna 29 years ago. I saw her on a TV show called The Morning Exchange. She was talking about how changing her diet changed her life.  I was glued to the TV. Her story was my story. I wrote her a letter, she contacted me and that began our journey of friendship.

I have been talking and working with Donna for 29 years. She has become a coach, mentor, sister and friend. We have the most amazing and interesting conversations. She is the person I call when I need direction or a smile ! When we talk it becomes a clearing for creativity, an opening for something new to emerge.  And it always does. What I love most about our conversations is that I feel heard and loved, almost taken care of. Our conversations always end with an awesome story from Donnas  life experiences.  I then feel recharged and ready to move forward!

It’s always a delight to talk with Donna. I am grateful and blessed to be part of her life. Thank you for all that you have given me to help make my life on the planet more meaningful and fulfilling. You are always there when I need you ! I love you !

Kathleen Stefancin M.S.,R.D.
Smart Picks, Inc., President
Healthy Ideas for Hungry Minds

One of the things I look forward to every Fall is the pleasure of updating my Lifecycle.  I have been doing this for about 20 years and there is always a new perspective offered that assists in welcoming the new year about to unfold.  Donna is skilled at presenting the core information embodied in my provided information. Donna is gifted in the way she imparts the wisdom…I have gotten to know the unseen and yet to be realized parts of myself though my annual Lifecycle updates.  I highly recommend this vehicle to self awareness. With having on CD, I can listen to it regularly whenever I choose. It is great fun and full of surprises, too!

Sara Wasserman, Art Therapist


follow the moon


At the time of the Full Phase we can step back and take a long view. How is your year unfolding since the Spring Equinox of March 21? We can use this ‘Trust’ time to remind ourselves of our current goal and we can look at how the shadow side of that goal may be showing itself. That’s appropriate. We want to know what road blocks we run into… just when we want to begin moving full steam ahead. Think about distractions, your own trepidation and the concerns you have over ‘how will this happen?’  All this inquiry is a lively and healthy aspect of the cycle. How reassuring to come to know that there’s a time and a natural place, each year, for such an examination….it occurs every Moon/month when the phase is Full.

There’s a lot of reflected light during this time of the Moon/month. We can each make our way along our life path within the blush  of La Luna’s mystical glow.

Each summer at this time we visit the Trust Moon cycle. Here we invest a full Moon/month July 30 – August 27  in discovering and uncovering the place or places in our life where we are willing and ready to take a risk and stretch. Each year when we arrive at this point on the Natural Calendar wheel we can consider and discover, in a new way, how it truly does require Trust in order to risk and take our next action.

Remember this is the height of the action point of the year. This is when we can take a long reach. We can stretch further. We can feel the amazement as we dig deeper into our creative treasure chest.

If you read my article on the 2011 Global Energy you’ll be reminded to turn your attention to the deepest work of your heart all year long.

I’ve had a most focused two months during June and July. First of all I’ve taken time to kayak in the morning as my current form of meditation practice. For me, floating on still water is a wonderful way to listen to the Inner Guidance leading to the Next Step. I’ve also taken time to travel. In July I met with 160 women from around the world in a magnificent transformational retreat.  I’ve recharged my intention, taking stock of what’s been growing and I’ve been deeply listening to what is ready to burst in my garden of the Art/Life.

Over the last two months I’ve been taking time to listen deeply to the inner whispers and in response to the prompts received  I’ve gently turned my attention to the joy of creating our Art/Life community.  I propose an intentional gathering, a virtual coming together,  of those of us who are interested and enthused by our ability  to explore the Art/Life on a more interactive and  consciously leveled field.

What have you been tending to? How have you been stretching beyond the limits of your comfort zone? Where have you felt the courage to Trust your life?  Who knows about what you will risk for what you choose to grow and nurture and harvest? What is your most recent AHA in your precious Art/Life?

See you next Monday for the Third Quarter phase of the Trust Moon cycle.

~May You Sing the Summer Days~


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5 comments to Following the Moon: And Now… A Few Lovely Announcements

  • oh Donna! How I’ve missed you. :) I’m not on the computer very much these days, but tonight I just happen to be here and saw that you had new post tonight and I rushed over to connect with you. Congratulations on announcement #1! I am really interested in hearing more about announcement #2. I will wait to hear more about it, or please email me.

  • When you get quiet, I always know you’re up to something major. Thrilled to my toes! Blessings and hugs, –Tbird

  • Donna, I’m amazed at what bubbles up in the quiet of our lives–and many happy congrats on the reissue of your poems for caregivers. I will look forward to hearing how your AHA platform develops–with grace I’m sure:) You ask about stretching beyond our comfort zone. There seem to be be so many challenges that ask for this movement right now. The biggest challenge is to listen for that still small voice within, telling me what to pay attention to and where and when to stretch–after that, there is ease.

  • Thanks Bridgette, T and Hannah… I’m so glad to see you and to receive your feedback…now I’m off for three days ‘off the grid’ to camp under the stars…soon.

  • so many beautiful unfoldings donna and engaging questions as well…I must ponder for a bit. I have to share that my husband and I went moon chasing during the full through the mountains. I captured some amazing photos…but mostly it was just so glorious to be in the cool mountain air gazing at the brilliance of the moon, soaking up her glorious energy.

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