Following the Moon: Wisdom, Food & Wealth


Homage, Drozda, Acrylic/board, 20x16", 1998

Homage, Drozda, Acrylic/board, 20x16", 1998

Welcome to ‘Following the Moon’. I trust that your Art/Life brought you some in-depth opportunities for growth over the past week. We’re currently traveling through the ‘Wisdom’ Moon cycle.
This is the second moon cycle within the 90 day Spring quadrant. Begin to cast a line out toward Summer Solstice, June 21, sensing what is required to accomplish the goals you’ve set. Keep in mind that this time of year is all about gathering forces and taking action based upon the goal that you set at the Spring Equinox.

The month of May opens the door to deepening the Wisdom that we’re born to express through our Art/Life. Now is the time to see, sense and feel the relationship that you have with its multi-layered aspects.

Wisdom, Food and Wealth
One day wisdom., food and wealth started on a journey. As they went along they came to a man sitting under a tree. The man said, “Where are you going?” They said, “We are hunting a place to live.” The man said, “As for me, I want wealth to live with me.” Wealth said, “You are a dumb man. If you had chosen wisdom, all three of us could have lived with you. But you have chosen me. This cannot be, because if I lived with you without wisdom, you could not have me long.” 

 They started off again and they met another man. The man said, “Where are you going, young man?” They said, “We are hunting a place to live.” The man said , “I believe that I would like to have food live with me.” Food said, “You are not clever. If you had chosen a certain one of us, all of us would live with you. But look, you have chosen me. Do you think that you could keep me? No, you could not keep me. Let us go on.”

Farther on they came to a man who was working. He said, “Where are you going today?” They said, “We want a place to live.” The man said, “I would like for wisdom to live with me.” Food said, “If you have chosen wisdom, then I will live with you, too. I know that you will be able to take good care of me.” Wealth said, “If you have chosen wisdom, then I will live with you, too. I know that you will be able to take good care of me.” All three lived with him because he made a good choice.

Parable by Northeastern Nigeria Bura Folktale


Tuesday afternoon, May 24 the Third Quarter Phase opens and extends through Saturday, May 28.
In the Third Quarter phase of the Wisdom cycle consider what it is you’re grateful for…see if you can include the  chance to say: Thank you… ‘all is well’.

Late in the afternoon on Saturday, May 28 the Balsamic Phase brings us to the last days of the cycle and with that the space arrives to surrender, let go, drop everything that has been gathered since May 3. It’s time now to release. Imagine resting in the life giving fluids that feed the next steps in your activation of your goal, dream and vision for your Art/Life. Do you feel the pendulum like rhythm of the energy throughout each cycle? Each one begins with a vision, struggles to make its way down to root and up to flourish, is researched and created, seen in reflection, shared, thanked, released in preparation to begin again with the next new moon. This is a way of moving through time looking up to sync in with the cycles of the seasons, aligning with the emotive nature of the lunar pull…think tidal patterns, think blood flowing within.

Kayaking on Crab Creek, Drozda, 2011

Kayaking on Crab Creek, Drozda, 2011

We are continuing to advance and expand on knowledge and expertise as we dance the wheel from here to October. October and April are pivot and mirroring points on the wheel of each year…within this context keep your fingers on the pulse points of where you were and where you’re heading.

See you next week for the last days of ‘Wisdom’ and the opening to the ‘Illumination’ Moon.

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lookin' up

lookin' up

What’s up with Iona’s Art/Life this week:

Kayaking on Lake Smith…sketchbook on board

 Lifecycle clients in the queue

Incredible Edibles at Mayer Fine Art exhibiting ‘Gardean’.

The Contemporary Art Center of Virginia: Media Blend: a six week adult studio for thinking outside the box enters the fifth week and projects are well under way.
Delivery of ‘Peace Walk/Shoe Shrine’ takes place for ‘Assemblage, Collage, and Mixed Media’ at Charles Taylor Art Center

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5 comments to Following the Moon: Wisdom, Food & Wealth

  • How do I read this given that I am in the Southern Hemisphere heading into winter?

  • I’m hoping to deepen my wisdom. I just spent 45 minutes attempting to copy, paste and print your “Luna See” recipe for following the moon. We have a relatively new computer with new programs–this was my third try over several months. (Everything I tried insisted on printing 24 pages of your blog.) I printed just the recipe–finally–with something called snippit. I’m marking my calendar for June! Thank you for every post; I can usually find some small thing that makes me think I’m in sync. Then I’m happy.

  • I love this: “deepen the wisdom we were born to express”. I will tuck this in somewhere tonight before dream time. It is intriguing to contemplate this on a level other than the head!

    Thanks as always for the wonderful wisdom and direction. And of course I find wealth and food for the spirit in your blog! Love the moon panel. Is this a new piece?

  • I think it’s just such an interesting juxtaposition; the act of being grateful and the act of letting go. I often find with your posts that certain parts of it mirror so closely I’m experienceing in my own art life. The last couple days, I’ve been a bit downcast and I’ve had to work to invoke gratitude. It’s working and now…I can let go of what has been gathered; that which appears good, that which appears not so good. Who knows? As I let go, I may see it all differently:)

  • Welcome Tracy…thanks for the inquiry…my email to you bounced back so if you read this contact me and I’ll share my thoughts on this.

    Hi Zen…I like that idea too…focusing on wisdom dreams sounds perfect. The moon panel is a detail from a large painting…it will be a constant…makes a good border ‘-)

    Hannah, I agree…there’s so much happening currently that’s teaching us about not being attached and simultaneously there’s a feeling of ‘electrical charge’. It is an unsettling combo. There’s a quality of mourning what must be released while at the same time looking forward to what is coming. We need to remember to help one another to have the courage to change and change again.

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