Sizzle in the Studio

It’s been quite the winter in an area where we rarely see the birdbath freeze.
There was a great collection of snowmen in the paper the other day and I thought I’d share this great image.
On the art front it’s been sizzling… many great projects percolating in the studio and openings galore.

There was a wonderfully attended multi-gallery opening last Sunday at the new experimental Art Space in Pembroke Mall. My work is in my friend Debi Stadlin Studio where I have one large canvas tapestry titled ‘Talking to Trees’, a series of mantras and three painted benches.

Tonight my large canvas titled ‘The Wish Fulfilling Tree’ is being shown in the inaugural exhibition at the spanking new Art/Culinary Institute here in Virginia Beach. Tonight is also the opening where I am invited guest artist in Ohio at the Tri-C/Ursuline College Art Therapy graduations exhibit and ‘Simplicity Symposium’.
The opening for Shooting Star Gallery is this Friday and also the opening in Brooklyn, New York for the Art House Sketchbook #4 Project.
Sunday I’ll be presenting a talk and a workshop at Unity Fellowship in Newport News.
It’s such fun to simply keep on keeping on…lovin’ life.

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